Monday, August 24, 2009

A Bit of a Tease

Well, I am married now. It is quite nice. I don't really care for gushing about things on blogs or the internet in general--real life things, that is. So I'm not going to go on about the infinite blessings of marriage or the bliss that comes from having such a hot delightful husband. I am happy and loved and that is all. Consider that my official endorsement for marriage.

So anyway, as much as I would love to tell all about The Day we're still waiting for our pictures, and what kind of post would that be without pictures? But luckily all the honeymoon pictures are right here on Vera. I'll post a lot more pictures on Facebook, after I can post wedding ones, but I thought I would give a little rundown. For you OCD people, sorry to do things out of order. It's good for you!

The day after the wedding we headed off to sunny southern California. We spent the first day at the aquarium on the pier. We touched sharks! Little sharks, but sharks nonetheless. We also saw sarcastic fringeheads and humbugs. Oh, and also Julie & Julia, though not at the aquarium but rather the nearby theater.

Oh dear, my husband is a shark.

We went to Huntington Beach the next day. I decided that I like the beach after all and could spend a lot of time there. The sand! The water! The waves! Delightful. That opinion would probably change depending on the crowds at the beach, but there weren't a lot of people there that day.

The next two days we spent at Disneyland. We saw the fireworks shows, ate delicious foods at the Blue Bayou and Club 33 (jealous?) and recreated a few pictures. Yay, Drew has his own bling now that needs to be resized.

The next day some fellow out-of-towners backed into our rental car (with us in it) in the Target parking lot just as we were leaving. So much for those fancy cameras to help you back out of your parking spaces, huh?

We spent our last California evening at another beach, Sunset or Surfside, depending on your source. Either way it was pretty much deserted (save for a dead pelican), the sunset was lovely and the waves were big. It was also windy, as you can probably tell from this picture, which is one of my favorites.

So there, in brief, is our honeymoon. Soon enough Facebook will have many pictures and you can see such delights as: an Ingres portrait that looks like Rufus Sewell, the Queen from
Snow White in the flesh, me being washed away by waves and the infamous dead pelican.


  1. But was he singing "O Holy Night" whilst being a shark? THAT is the question.

    Sounds like a lovely time. But I would have liked some BDesque descriptions about your insecurity-turned-total elation about married life. But maybe that's just me . ..

  2. Sorry Cami, only idiotic girls gush in such an out-of-character fashion about such ridiculous complete and sudden changes of total nature and heart. And, obviously, my wife is anything but idiotic.

    No singing took place. Looking back, I have no idea why not.

    I do so love this post. So many lovely memories, and I love the photos you posted. Sassy on the beach!

  3. Yes, that pictures of Drew is totally sharky, complete.

    Looks like you two had a wonderful time, I am not surprised! I kept thinking of you two, the happiest newlyweds at the happiest place on earth.

  4. Club 33???? Wow. Lucky.