Monday, August 31, 2009

Learning: It Happens

Well, I have been married now for two weeks and two days. In these two weeks I have learned a number of significant things and I'm going to tell you about them now, in bulleted fashion. Some of them are directly related to marriage, others are just things that have come up in my new domestic experiences.
  • It's a bad idea to set bananas on top of the stove when the oven is on. We have black bananas. Luckily Drew will eat anything (and even say it's good).
  • Boys are good at killing bugs. Technically I already knew this, because of my Pops, but for the first time I am not living at home and there's still a man around to kill the uglies. So I'm counting it. It goes something like this: "Bug!" *squash*
  • Not all boys are messy and smell like, you know, boys.
  • It is, in fact, quite satisfying to do all the housely things while Drew does the income getting things. Soon I will take to wearing dresses and heels everyday, along with my apron.
  • Living with The Roommate didn't prepare me for sharing bedspace but she did prepare me for Drew having the worst alarm in history, leaving candles burning while we're gone and turning the light on when I'm sleeping. Oh wait, he does none of those things.
  • A king-size bed makes sharing bedspace easy as pie. I can just roll over and have my own continent. But why would I roll over in the first place?
So yes, there you have it. A lifetime of learning in two weeks. I mean, surely this is all there is to it, right? I've got this marriage thing down.


  1. So many great lessons learned already. I have some comments to make, also in bullet fashion:

    • The bananas WERE good (until the fruit flies appeared of course), just like the roasted bananas at Tucano's!

    • *bows* I used to usher bugs outside of the house, but they are overrunning us a little, so I don't feel bad squishing them.

    • *bows again* I know about my hygiene.

    • All I want after a long day of work is a hot, seven course home-cooked meal, a stunning wife in heels, the paper, slippers, a glass of bubbly, a bubble gum cigar, a footrub, a full body massage, and a trillion dollars in small, unmarked bills. Is that too much to ask, really?

    (But seriously, you've been great about getting the place livable and making foods for us to eat while I'm at work, and I love to help out when I'm at home-for the record.)

    • I was totally about to dispute every item about my alarm clock, candles, light, etc. but then I figured it out.

    • BBE. (Yes, the best.)

  2. Emily and I read your blog and had lots of giggles. So witty. Thanks from the bedside of mom of triplets.
    Love, Mom Janice

  3. "Soon I will take to wearing dresses and heels everyday, along with my apron." Hahahaha!

    I'm glad you're enjoying married life. As if you wouldn't! :)