Monday, December 07, 2009

This Stuff: It's Pretty

I just finished updating my Amazon wishlist (Persuasion and Northanger Abbey, DREW) and it got me thinking about some things I've had my eye on lately that aren't on Amazon. I don't generally like to do online shopping for clothing because I like to feel things and try them on. It seems like the chance for un/intentional deception is greater and plus I just like the mall. Anyway, here are some things I've found recently in the stores and online that make me say "Hey! That's cool."

I normally stay out of Nordstrom. It's just never really been the store for my budget. But every once in a while I take a peek in the Brass Plum section and the last time I did that I found this coat. Isn't it pretty? Okay okay, so maybe I have a few coats already. But I don't have a long coat. Or white one... Hmmm.

A recent Clean House episode reminded me of one of these next items.

I'm not really into necklaces. But who wouldn't want a divers helmet necklace? I can imagine wearing either of these and cackling to myself at how much more awesome I am than everyone else.

Of course there had to be some shoes on this list. While walking through JC Penney the other day I spotted them and then quickly dragged myself away (the more time I spend with a pair of shoes the less likely I am to leave without them). But look! So red! So shiny! Bonus: they remind me this.

Back when I first started to ponder how to do my wedding hair, I was pretty set on a white flowered headband for a long while after seeing this particular one. I liked that it was pretty, without being gigantic, and it would be the easiest way to do my hair and still make it look nice. Then I moved to Utah and saw three girls wearing white flowered headbands on the first Sunday. Ah well. I still like this one.

Maybe in another six months I'll have enough content for another post like this.


  1. Oh yes, the coat is so simple and classy. Love the white.

  2. I do like that coat, it's so fetching on you. One day I will buy you any and everything you like. Until then, as for Christmas at least, consider your hints dropped. ;)

  3. It is a beautiful coat. I get to buy new coats almost each year because I keep getting fat/skinny. If you wear the divers helmet necklace, you would be pretty cool.

  4. I've been struggling so much this year to remember all the stuff I've been coveting to ask for Christmas, and I should have been posting them on my blog like you! So clever, that Control.

  5. Ha ha! I found myself trying to rationalize myself into buying a new jacket a little while ago, even though the H&M jacket is still going strong. I told myself the same things you said in this blog:

    It's long! I don't have a long jacket!

    It's pretty! Look at that cute plaid pattern! I don't have a plaid jacket!

    In the end, it never went on sale, and I am left jacketless and cold. Here's hoping you get some of the things you want!

  6. I guess you didn't exactly get any of these for Christmas this year. :( I so dearly wanted to surprise you with that coat, but alas. Maybe next year...