Tuesday, November 24, 2009

These Eggs: They're Not Joanna's

A while ago I mentioned that the Mister and I are watching all the animated Disney movies in order. No, we're not done yet--it takes a while--but we are nearing the end with less than 10 to go. Once we are done I plan to write a big review of the whole thing since there are some that I'd not seen for years or not at all. Some were better than remembered, some were worse and some were just dull. But some things just can't wait until that post (Dumbo, anyone?).

Have you seen Rescuers Down Under recently? I always really liked this one (that Jake! So dashing.) but I hadn't seen it for quite some time. How did I forget how hilarious Joanna is?

She is hysterical. These days I look for any opportunity to start making Joanna noises and faces. It goes something like "Gahhhhrrrrrrablarhblarh." There is something else Joanna-related that makes me laugh heartily but to get it, first you have to hear this song:

Hopefully you did not get an eyeful of Alan Rickman's tight gold pants. Anyway, do you see where I'm going with all this?

Hah! It makes me laugh everytime (and comes courtesy of Makani). Oh, Joanna. Gahhhhrrrrrrablarhblarh.


  1. Which ones were worse than remembered??

    And everyone, take my word for it: That Joanna face/noise Julie makes is QUITE amusing.

  2. I just re-watched The Rescuers: Down Under and was kind of delighted by it. That Joanna is very funny.

  3. HAHAHA.. i know.. i always thought the characters in that one were some of the best... so funny. watching that clip and thinking of joanna made me wanna laugh out loud.. i couldn't.. because my lucas is asleep.. but i assure you.. i was holding my mouth shut with both hands.

  4. Hahaha, that's awesome! I haven't seen that in forever. "My mental facilities are twice what yours are, you pea-brain!" What a thing to be proud of...

    And now I will always see a lizard when I watch Sweeney Todd. Thanks a lot. :P

  5. Say, is that George C. Scott's voice? He was pretty good.

  6. Good catch, Dad. He was a great McLeach. I always wonder still why the character doesn't have an Australian accent though.

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