Saturday, March 27, 2010


Last night Mr. Graham and I finished watching the whole series of Battlestar Galactica, after starting it around Christmastime. I was so happy and relieved when he got into it because then I knew we could still be friends (phew). Seriously though, this show is so good. I have a hard time imagining getting into another show as much as I have this one, though I suppose only time will tell. But really, it's so good.

I'm not going to recommend to every one of you, my fair and illustrious readers, because it's not for every one (mostly in terms of, ahem, content). But I just want you all to know that is excellent, and if you think it's just about space ships shooting each other then, well, you have no idea. I keep trying to make a list of all the things that are good about it and it is just too long. The story! The characters! The action! The drama! The music! And yes, it has some killer space fights too.

Battlestar, I love you like Adama loves Roslin. Except not romantically. So maybe more like Starbuck loves Helo.


  1. Phew indeed!

    And yes, it's all VERY good, right up there in my top 2 favorite shows!!! It was a long run, but a great one.

    Helo, you are my hero. Starbuck, you are my hero(ine) too.

  2. Interesting the high-tech stuff they have nowadays. Especially when you watch the original series for comparison.

  3. Ah Helo. I loved him so. Who wants LEE??? Yikes. It really is probably the best show ever. Awesome times.

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  5. How many boxes of Drumsticks did you get through?