Saturday, March 06, 2010


Here is a little information about my Mama (I say this in the British way). She bakes many a thing and bakes them quite well. Chocolate mayonnaise cake is one of my particular favorites (no no, the mayonnaise is not chocolate. It's just a chocolate cake with mayo to make it delectably moist). My very favorite thing is her rolls. I have fond memories of waking up early on Saturday mornings, pilfering some rolls from the kitchen and then reading fairy tales in my bed for a few hours. Obviously this was a while ago since I haven't woken up early naturally for years.

Anyway, her rolls are delicious. But. My Mama has a little problem sometimes with her baking: salt. Or rather, a lack of salt. I don't know how many times she has put rolls in the oven and then said "Oh my gosh, I forgot the salt!" (Then she promptly makes another batch. Such dedication to quality!) If you have ever had a bread product without salt, you know what a big difference it makes. They're totally edible, but they're also totally flavorless.

So, this year I've been attempting bread things. I made two batches of rolls all myself, but one of our first wedding presents was a breadmaker.
I'd never so much as touched a breadmaker before, and its intimidation was second only to the Kitchenaid. Or maybe the food processor. Anyway, last week I finally got myself some bread flour and stocked up on yeast. Then, I did it. It was easy, and I only got a little scared with the pan popped out of place and I had to fix it mid-kneading. It cooked away while we were at church and when we got home the first thing I did was open it up.

Since he is so strong and manly, I had the Mister pull it out of the pan. It looked ever so large and square and was quite crusty as well. Undaunted, I got the knife and I cut it open. I took a bite.

"No no no no no NOOOOOOOO!"

I forgot the salt.


  1. Ha! This is a great story. Did you immediately make a new batch like your Mom would?

  2. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Julie, that is absolutely hysterical! that tickled me so much I had to comment.


  3. Baah! I did that once--a whole bread recipe with no salt. I gave entire loaves to 2-year-old Jeffy who promptly took them about the house and ate them anyway. Then we slathered the rest with salty butter and it was almost ok.

    Also, Jake once only put white sugar and not both white and brown in cookies, and it totally changed everything. Please don't forget ingredients!

  4. now THAT is funny.

  5. Bahahahahahaha! Did jam and butter make any difference?

    Breadmakers scare me too, mainly because my family has never had one and I didn't know they existed until I was quite old. Perhaps a guest bread blog post is in order?

  6. I liked it!

    One time these elders finished my cookie recipe and put in powdered sugar instead of flour (and kept putting it in when it didn't affect the consistency). Boy, did I give them a talking-to when I came back to find my cookie kitchen a-shambles!