Friday, February 24, 2012

Something Gross, Something Awesome

Last December I tried out this new "molten chocolate" body wash. I like chocolate, I like soap, why not combine them, right? When I bought it it was a delightful milk chocolate color (showing here). In the new year I noticed that it was not looking so milk chocolate-y anymore. In fact it was looking more like, well, old-meat grey. Showing here:
I was finally too grossed out to use it anymore. Happily it did no damage to my fondness for chocolate or soap.

Moving on. I have a great weakness for pajama pants. I have Pokemon pants, Strawberry Shortcake pants, Egyptian mice pants, Halloween pants (2), snowflake pants, Batman pants...and yet I am always enthralled with new ones. My sister got me these pajama pants recently and I have been wearing them ever since (as the wrinkles will evidence).
Look closer, for the full awesome.
Bird cages! Birds! They're just delightful and unexpected. I wish I were wearing them right now.

Bonus Drewbles, in the kitchen WHERE HE BELONGS:


  1. Hehehehee where he belongs. Yeah, I'm back to reading!

  2. Ha ha haaa, just like every husband belongs in the kitchen, making treats from a box.