Thursday, February 16, 2012

That Parasol is Too Small

This week I introduced Drewbles to the following mini series:
It's in the same line of "historical reality" shows as The 1900s House and The Edwardian Country House. I haven't seen those so I can't tell you how this one compares, but essentially, it's five single men and five single women put in this house for two months. The ladies all have chaperones to keep things proper, and everyone has a different history (inspired by their real life), social status and role. For instance, one lady is a countess but is secretly impoverished, one man is a naval officer and one lady is rich but has no title. The chaperones are all trying to get their girls the best matches, but of course everyone is constrained by the rules of the day.

I first saw this in Ye Olde Bloomington with Marcue and Ann, and lately I decided Drew should see it too. His comment after finishing the first episode was "This is so interesting and strange." If that's not a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is! But seriously, not only is it entertaining to watch modern people bumble their way through two months in the Regency period, but it's also super informative. If you have any interest in Jane Austen at all, it is definitely worth watching to learn more about the time period. Not only is there class, courtship and propriety, but there is also chamber pots, hermits and egg whites! Plus, if you have ever wondered how lady folk dealt with Aunt Irma, this has the answer. It will give you a new appreciation for modern *ahem* lady products.

To sum up: Watch it! It's only two discs and it will show you a whole new side of the Regency world.


  1. Ah, Regency House Party! (This must always be said as if you are shouting it with glee.) I recently watched Manor House. It wasn't as fun as Regency House Party!, but it was interesting to see how the now-liberated lower classes couldn't stick out the servant jobs. Also, any time I watch a period drama or read a modern book set in Edwardian times, I now yell at them for not getting the rules right.

  2. Ooo, maybe I will have to watch that one next! I love to feel smarter than books and movies, haha.

  3. I will definitely be looking into this one! Thanks!

  4. It IS interesting and strange! I can't wait to get disc 2 to see the dramatic conclusion. It's almost like a documentary with the facts and stuff, but still kind of intriguing in its semi-reality show kind of way. I think nowadays we should still participate in potato sack races and keeping Hermits as pets.