Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In Which I Binge

Here's a secret: I listen to Spotify when I'm at work.  Okay, that's not a secret--here's the secret part: I almost always put it on private just so people can't see how many times I listen to the same things.  

(It's unfortunate that play counts don't appear on Spotify because I like knowing just how insane I am with the repeat button.)

Since lately I have taken to blogging about completely useless bits of "information", it seems entirely appropriate to blog about some of my recent binges.  And just to make it a little more interesting ("interesting"), it's not just music.  Let us proceed!

Hurts Like Heaven - Coldplay

I'm still binging on all of Mylo Xyloto but this has been my favorite by far recently.  The best part of any run is when this song pops up.  Sometimes I resort to mentally hounding my iPod until it plays (it totally works).     

You & a Promise - Howie Day (a name I feel stupid writing every time [Sorry, Howies of the world])

This is just a small part of my binging on every Howie Day song in existence on Spotify.  It's so hard to pick a favorite, but this one was my first favorite.  *ramble*

(Sorry for the barfy video)

You Won't Feel a Thing - The Script

Truth be told, I had never heard of these fellows until last month.  But, well, let's just say we're very well acquainted now.  They get bonus points for being Irish.

Les Mis 
Well.  It only took me fifteen years but I guess I like Les Mis now.  I blame Alfie Boe entirely for this, and more specifically I blame Alfie Boe singing this, a song I have spent most of my life despising:

I just love his little bearded face.

Cadbury Eggs
I mean...does this NEED any explanation?  

(Does anyone else think the filling used to be runnier?  Or maybe it seemed runnier because I was a mere child then and didn't know it's best to just cram it all in your mouth at once.  Did I just admit that to the world?)

Creature Comforts 
Drewbles gets the credit for us watching these.  The premise is that everyday people are interviewed around the country on any number of subjects and then the interview audio is set to claymations with various animals (the same interviewee is always the same animal).  It started in the UK, with two seasons, and then there's an American version that was one (seven episode) season.  I think the US version is more outright funny, maybe because Americans are more prone to say ridiculous things, I don't know, but the UK version has its own gems.  The American version is on Netflix instant so what are you waiting for?  Binge away!


  1. I have no idea how to use Spotify. I tried once and it told me I have to pay for it. Do you pay for your Spotify? Or am I missing some secret button that lets me use it for free?

  2. Oh yeah, you can totally use it for free! There's also paying options, which gets rid of ads and things, but I don't mind the ads. I'm sure they try to be sneaky and make you think you have pay.

  3. So "hurts like heaven" is one of my very favorites :) Also my family has watched creature comforts for some time, I always remember loving the Alien one- I think it's the Brittish one :) Those are some good things to binge on.

  4. Coldplay finally won me over! I love me some MX. Also, yay for Creature Comforts! I'm glad it's funny. Also, ALFIE.