Monday, April 02, 2012

Yes Please

Okay, so I'm not technically on Pinterest, but I understand how it works.  In theory.  Basically, I write a blog post tutorial about something really awesome that I created and then it sets fire to the Internet via manic pinning.  Well, friends, I finally have an awesome, Internet-set-firing tutorial.  Have you been wondering how to make a birthday for a special someone extra special?  The answer is this: 

A paper crown!  How is this new devilry accomplished?  Here, let me show you. 

The first (and most important) step is to not make the crown until the last minute, preferably the last thing you do before bed.  This way you can say you live your life with spontaneity.

Secondly, don't buy anything special for the crown.  Just grab some paper you've had sitting around for years months.  Gather your supplies in another room and get ready to make a mess.  It's best if the victim object of your crown is in the next room, totally aware that you're doing something crafty--heighten the suspense!

Third, fold your paper in half.  Be sure to match up the corners and make a super neat fold, just like you learned in first grade.  This project is all about perfection in the details!  

Fourthly, cut out triangle shapes from the folded edge to create the crown effect.  Be sure your shapes aren't TOO even--in fact, make them kind of jagged and weird.  After all, you want your special someone to know that you made this yourself. 

Fifth, since you haven't measured your special person's head, assume that the two slips of vaguely crown-shaped papers will be long enough.  But just in case, tape the two pieces together with the barest bit of overlap, for maximum size.  Commence crossing your fingers because you don't want it to look SILLY for heaven's sake.

Now for the fun part: decorating!  Of course you'll want to use highlighter markers, for the maximum "What does it say?" effect.  You can write and draw whatever comes to mind!  Don't think about it too long though because it's late and you want to get to bed.

Et voila!  Your crown is done and it's fit for a king with a gold shortage.  The next day you can cram it onto your special someone's head and, naturally, they will be delighted and praise your craftiness.

Stay tuned for my Oreo cake tutorial!


  1. YES PLEASE!!!1!

    I'm going to make these for every birthday from now on!! Can I slightly deviate, and glue some macaroni onto it for jewels? OH, what am I saying, I'm such a fool! That would never work!

    Thanks for sharing!! Can't wait for the oreo cake! It looks delicious!!!

  2. Ha ha ha ha HAAAAAAAAA!

  3. What a fabulous birthday I had thanks to you and your craftiness!