Monday, October 28, 2013

Give Me Five Shillings

Once upon a time there was a little newborn baby named the Speck. 

Five months later, he has grown into a pretty sizable baby named the Speck.  

It is rather amazing how fast these little humans grow and change in just a few months.  He has gotten more smiley, more chatty, more mobile and more fun than ever!  I expect there will be more mores as he grows--more opinionated, more tantrum-y, more responsive, more conversational, more into dinosaurs.  


This month saw the final victory over cradle cap, but the rise of a perpetually dry scalp.  We are still puzzling that one out, but I'm just glad the cradle cap is gone.  

(He's really not as bald as he looks in this picture, I promise!)

Speaking of his head, well, you may have noticed his hair is not in quite such abundance these days.  It was hard for his hair to keep up with his head growth and the cradle cap didn't help.  It made me ever so sad.  But!  The times are changing and he has a lot of new hair growing in all over and that makes me ever so happy.  He also still has a good chunk of his baby hair down at the base of his head.  It doesn't look weird at ALL.

This month he also expanded his skill set to include rolling from back to tummy and sitting up!  He's also pushing up off his tummy.  There's some muscle under all that chubbiness!

He continues to not have teeth, nor any sign of teeth, but he also continues to chew on everything and drool constantly.  


Sleep is still going pretty well, though with his rolling powers came more crying in the night to be rolled back.  He is getting better at not waking up though, hurrah for everyone. 

No solids yet because I'm procrastinating, but he likes to watch us eat and tries to grab our food (as he does everything).  We started putting him in the Bumbo on the table at dinner, which he finds rather exciting.  (And of course we hold on to the Bumbo.)

The outdoors fascinate, the TV (that he rarely sees on) mesmerizes, the bath delights.  We read books, I make up games, he squeals and giggles, we play the piano, peek-a-boo is finally funny.  He sings in his crib when he wakes up in the morning.  He cries at other family members sometimes.  He cries at bedtime sometimes.  He cries for no reason sometimes.  But more often than not, he is happy and enjoying his little life.  

Once upon a time, before he was born, I worried that I wouldn't like him or that he wouldn't be cute.  


Silly me!

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  1. Gaaaaah, his face! Great update, great photos.