Sunday, October 20, 2013

Not Such a New Recruit

Today, on the eve of his five-month birthday, it seems appropriate to demonstrate how the little master has grown. 

The first picture is from his exact first month birthday, the second a few days before three months and the third a few days before the fifth (no, I don't know why I take them on different days...).  As you can see, that onesie doesn't quite fit anymore, but I think he pulls off the belly onesie look pretty well.   

He is getting so big and so much more active.  While he can't actually propel himself anywhere yet, he will rotate around on the floor and he rolls about and rotates in his crib.  Sometimes I have to rescue him from being stuck in the corner, which is both cute and just a little bit sad.  He also grabs for everything and puts whatever it is directly in his mouth. We haven't started solids yet, but that's coming soon!  :o

What's that you say?  More laying-in-the-laundry pictures?  I am ever so happy to oblige.

The chins!  My goodness.
Tasty sock.
Lest you think he stays still for pictures.

There is this, shall we say, ridiculous miniseries called The 10th Kingdom that has these little enchanted birds that talk in very high, squeaky voices.  At one point the birds say, "Please, please!  Please set us free!"  Babycakes thinks it is really funny when I quote those birds, and the evidence is in these next few pictures:
"Please, please!"
"Please set us free!"
(He also loves his feet.)

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  1. 5 months must be the feet month. I remember CB playing with her feet while we decorated the Christmas tree, which was right at 5 months. I love his happy face and his chins!