Friday, May 23, 2014

12 to 1

Hard to believe that a year ago this happened.  And yet here we are with a one year old baby.  

I love his studious face and sometimes blond hair.
He's fond of the classics already!

He is still resolute about not walking on his own, but I've seen him take a few accidental steps.  He loves to push walkers/boxes/strollers/anything and has been working on his furniture climbing skills.  He's been a thinker this month, figuring out that he can put things in boxes and take them out again.  He also started stacking rings on the pole instead of just pulling them off.  

He makes such funny faces.

Easter outfit!

As far as food goes, he eats what we eat, with some occasional adjustments.  Every morning he scarfs a banana and of course the bigger the bite the better.  Like with most baby things, feeding him solids was daunting at the start because what do you give a baby?  How much?  How often?  And, like with most baby things, it's not a big deal anymore. 

Sleep is still great, ahhh.  He had one sleep change and that is that one day he adamantly refused to fall asleep while being held like a baby.  Instead he just wanted to sprawl flat on me and fall asleep snuggling.  Do I mind snuggling with Babycakes three times a day?  Nope.

I love his investigatory process.
How to sum up a year in a brief blog post?  Before Boo Boo was born, I really didn't know how this year was going to go.  I couldn't picture any part of it--the baby, what I would do with the baby, how we would survive together.  So to say this year surpassed my expectations, well, that would be an understatement. 

Basically, I just didn't know I would like this baby so much.  I really hoped I would like him a lot.  I wished to like him.  I cautiously assumed I would like him.  But I still couldn't picture how it would go after he was born.  

But then he was born and everything changed because HOW could I not adore this tiny human at every single moment of every day?

(Still one of my favorite pictures.)

It's funny to me how unaware babies are of all the time and care that is devoted to them. Babycakes has no idea that I have anything better to do than chase him around the ottomans or waggle finger puppets at him.  

And really, I don't.  

I just didn't know!

Silly me.  Smart baby.

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