Thursday, September 25, 2014

Portrait of a Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Month Old

Sometimes I get behind in blogging and then it just seems so HARD to do any kind of catching up.  But catch up I shall!  Then I can finally blog about other things like, you know, the house.  If you just skim through for the pictures, well, I shan't blame you.

(I will try to keep the pictures chronological, to best show his growing)

Since my last update on Babycakes, lo, those many moons ago, he has been hard at work at learning and doing just about everything.  He took his first steps on Memorial Day and he quickly got the hang of it.  There was no looking back and now he's running.  Sometimes he falls right on his face but that never seems to phase him at all. 

He loves to eat and while he doesn't always eat what we want him to (--->steamed vegetables), he is generally accepting of foods.  His day still begins with inhaling a banana at a somewhat alarming pace.  Other favorites include avocados, graham crackers, bread of any kind and corn on the cob (the cob part is essential).  

On the non-solids front, he weaned himself over the last month or two, mostly by loud protests, and on September 10th, he declared himself done with any and all nursing.  

Other things he declared himself done with over the last few months: taking two naps, being rocked to sleep for naps or bed and being rocked period.  I'm glad I never stressed much about rocking him to sleep because now he won't, but I get to remember all those many times he fell asleep on me and it was so cute.  Who knows if future babies will be so snuggly?  Now he likes to get in bed immediately and just goes to sleep.

(This is the longest he's ever worn these.  Notice how the hands are restrained...)

Lately he has been trying out some little tantrums when he is frustrated or mad at things not going his way.  It is sometimes frustrating for me that I can't just explain to him why it's not cool to play with the plunger, but it is also kind of amusing to watch him instantly throw himself to his knees and thence to his tummy to wail.  It doesn't usually last long and doesn't happen outside the house, which is probably why I can call it amusing.

(Side note: new kitchen!)

His vocabulary still seems a bit on the smaller side to me (what do I know), but I think it only seems that way because he never wants to USE the words that I know he can say.  But he is starting to be more interested in saying things and copying sounds we say.  And I will say that he knows his fair share of animal noises, including: lion/tiger/dinosaur, dog, owl, bee, snake, horse, sheep, elephant, fish.  I think I am forgetting some....   

In general he is becoming more interested in the world all the time.  He is always exploring and wandering around the house, pulling things out, putting things in particular places and stacking things up.  

(Just taking some condiments for a ride.)
He's not super into climbing, which is fine with me, but he always enjoys being high up and getting a wider view of the world.  Dirt is another favorite thing and he will dig it in for as long as you let him.  Oh, and I should note he still has just seven teeth, with no sign of anymore coming in, though he's been drooling like a fiend for weeks and weeks.

(Note the little line of drool.)

(He created this little kitchen himself.)
(Any time's a good time to wear the whale towel!)
Some days he seems so big and grown up, in a manner of speaking, but other times he still seems very much like a baby, babbling and rolling around the floor.  He is a delight and after going through pictures for this post, I am amazed at how much he really has grown since he turned one.  In fact, here are some quick stats for the record:  At 12 months he was 30.5 in. (72%) and 20.63 lbs (17%) and his head was 18.8 in. (85%) and at about 15 months he was 33 in. (93%), 22.93 lbs (26%) and his head was 18.9 in. (73%).  

Okay, now let's just look at some more pictures. 

(See?  Any time.)



  1. The last picture is my favorite!

    1. That is one of mine too!

  2. Such a great update! So many great pictures!! I love this kid!!! XD