Friday, June 21, 2013

Birthdays and Milestones

A month and one day ago I had a of THOSE birthdays.  You know, the kind where you enter a new decade.  I can't bring myself to type out the number because I am a coward, but I guess I'm not too cowardly to admit that I'm a coward.  That counts for something, right?

Anyway, I loved my last birthday, and have spent the year betwixt dreading this latest birthday.  It's a classic case of "But I can't be THAT old!" mixed with "But I was 18 a few minutes ago!"  Besides the number, I have to admit that my mostly ignored biological clock was ticking a louder than usual, and at one point last August I said to Drewbles that I had passed the point where it would be possible to have a baby before The Birthday.  (Of course, little did I know that the Speck was on his way, with an ETA a mere 8 days after my own birthday.  Clever little Speck, sneaking in so close to the deadline.) 

Even with the Speck on the way I still found plenty of time to fret about my birthday, and before I knew it, Doomsday was upon me.  But, do you know, it is really hard to think about your age (or anything else) when you know you're having a baby in the morning.  And it is really hard to think about your age once you have a baby in your house.  And then when you do think about it, it's like "...oh yeah."  So, I guess it's not such a big deal really.  Still, I'm not going to write it out.  

But enough about me and my age, our CAG is a month old this very day!  He is a delightful little thing and growing all the time (I hope [*is paranoid*]).  He might not do much beyond the necessities of life, but what he does delights and amuses us.  Even at 3 AM!  Such a skilled child.  

Here, have some pictures:

He's so delicate with his hands.

 We keep trying to get a good smiling picture!

Just hanging out in his nightie.

 Just hanging out in his onesie.

 You can never have too many sleeping pictures!

 "Oh dear, oh dear, whatever shall I do?"

I really like this nightie...

I love his little half-moon eyes!  Hah!

He sees all!

(For any curious parties, he likes a binky sometimes.  Other times not at all.)

Happy month birthday, young one!  


  1. Yeah, I hear you about the mixed reactions when the big one comes along. I was bummed to not be with-child for mine (always the milestone in my mind), but I was also happy to imbibe one-too-many cocktails with my dear friends who were helping me celebrate. Plus, now I'm more "mature" to handle things, right? RIGHT?

    Also, Speck is awesome.

  2. Such great pictures!!! That squinty-eyed smile!!! He is our child fo sho. Also, it was great to celebrate your 23rdish birthday last month. :*

  3. Oh my goodness, he is so adorable I can't even handle it!!! I always enjoy your blog (and especially now that it includes such cute pictures of your progeny :) I hope I get to see all three of you soon after I move back in a couple months!