Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Specky Sundries

Our Little Master is almost a month old!  He has changed so much and is now walking and talking and getting ready for kindergarten.  Just kidding, he is actually the same in a lot of ways, just slightly bigger, but that's okay because I like him how he is.  So, what has he been up to lately?  Let's take a look:

He's been learning about snack foods.

He's getting poked, even without a Facebook account.
 He's been working on his Emperor Palpatine costume for Halloween.

 (He's going to start zapping me with Force lightning while cackling "Change this diaper faster!")

He has been following in his cousin's footsteps by making friends with The Caterpillar.
Bonus comparative cousin picture:

He's been enjoying his fishy blanket from Grandma (and rolling halfway to get closer to the fish faces).

He's been reaching...for his dreamssssss!

He's been giving his Pops some love.

He's been wearing nighties.  I'm obsessed with putting him in nighties because there is nothing cuter for a baby to wear.  Nothinggggggg.

He's been smiling a lot.  I tried to get a picture of it...this was as close as I got...but it happens!

He has been amusing us every day with his expressions, noises and mannerisms. 

Some other points of interest:
  • As of his appointment a week ago, he is over 9 pounds and has added an inch and a half.  He's still fitting in most of his newborn clothes, but they're getting small, length-wise.  
  • He sleeps pretty well at night and usually has a good four hour block in the wee hours.  
  • His current hobbies are looking at things, kicking, escaping from blankets and stretching out like a plank.  Also grabbing my hair.
Some other other points of interest:
  • Freezer meals are awesome!  We have one left, and so far they have all turned out great.  I highly recommend them, whether or not a baby is imminent. 
  • I feel really good.  Recovery has been surprisingly easy, which is nice.  I think the surgery last year was a good preview for a c-section--the main difference being that they removed a baby instead of a fibroid (also less robots involved).
  • I'm excited to get back to running in a few weeks.  Also, Pilates is a lot easier with a baby on the outside.
  • Overall, life is the same in a lot of ways--we just have another little person sharing it with us.  Drew goes running, I water the plants.  I've never missed a day of showering or making the bed.  We watch TV and pay bills and go on walks and read.  We just do other stuff now too, like watch TV while holding a baby.  (Of course it helps that Drewbles works from home)
So, that is how life is going these days.  Hurray for the baby, hurray for summer, hurray for summer babies!

Now I need to go look at him because it's been a while.


  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    BABIES! Don't let Drew throw a sheep at him, poking may be okay without Facebook but throwing sheep; well that's just another story. Love seeing all the pic's. Congrats.

  2. Great update! He's such a smoochyface.

    (And now you can test responding to comments.)

  3. Ha ha! I like when he was reaching...for his dreams!

  4. He gets cuter with every post! Only a month and a half until I get to see his cuteness in person!

  5. I loved them all so much. I remember William and that caterpillar, so cute, they must be kindred spirits :)