Thursday, January 07, 2016

A Sewy Little Christmas

No, this post isn't about actual Christmas events.  It's just the usual rundown of crafty things I did for Christmas this year.  In other words, look at how talented I am!


Mostly I made stuff for Baby this year.  The biggest project was a little quilt for her, like the one I did for Mr. C's first Christmas.  I should mention that he treasures that blanket and sleeps with it every night.  

JUST KIDDING, it's in his closet...

(As for that Winnie the Pooh blanket, he DOES sleep with that one every night.  Figures!)

But here is her blanket:

The colors look rather washed out in photos but you get the idea.  It was fun to pick out the fabric (thanks, Jo-Ann!) and I think it's really cute, despite my best efforts to mangle every corner.  Here it is in its natural habitat:

A byproduct of going to Jo-Ann's was that I found this great London-themed fabric.  So I made myself pajama pants:

Just because I've torn holes in like six pairs of pajama pants in the last year *weeps bitter bitter tears*.

I also made Baby a sleep sack and hat, like I did for Mr. C last year.  I think the hat is super cute and the sack keeps her cozy.  

I will NOT say that I did my best sewing on the sleep sack.  In fact I did some of my worst but it is functioning just fine and no one but me and Baby ever see it anyway.  And did I mention she looks super cute in that hat?  Mr. C calls the knots "kitty ears."

Speaking of Mr. C., I made him this bag for his library books because he likes carrying bags and he likes library books:

Let me clarify: I bought the bag at Hobby Lobby, the patron saint of Christmas craftiness, and then added the letter.  It's felt that I cut out using a template I made and then just hand sewed on.  Easy peasy.

In ornament news, I made these candy canes of my own design for my family this year:

(I bought the bows, after attempting my own...)
We also made Baby's handprint ornament for ourselves and the grandmas.  Only one of them got broken by a certain someone and had to be remade.

Finally, since Drew works at an actual office now I gave him a bunch of stuff for his desk.  I made this to go along with it:

lol indeed!


  1. HA HA HA, that came as a surpeeze indeed, both on Christmas morning and at the end of this blogpost. I can't decide which face I like best. Probably Ryan or Pam.

  2. I like the date and name in the corner.

  3. Did I never comment? I love quilts. And this office thing made me laugh.