Friday, January 09, 2015

Crafty Christmas

As per usual, the craft bug hit me at Christmastime again this year.  It wasn't my most crafty year, but with a number of Poppy crafts on the horizon, it was a good idea to take it easy.  Anyway, here is what I came up with this year, starting with the year's holly ornaments:

The berries are jingle bells!  I had this idea a few years ago, and I like how they turned out.  If you look closely you can see a sixth sitting on the branches because I forgot to sew in the ribbon loop.  Oops.

When fall/winter arrived, I noticed that Boo Boo's room is a little chillier than the rest of the house so I fretted over if he was warm enough at night.  One day at Hobby Lobby I noticed that sewing patterns were $1.99 ($1.99!) and so I grabbed one for a sleep sack.  Fleece in hand, I went to work.

I had Boo Boo model it for me before he went to bed.  He decided to demonstrate his unimpeded mobility:

I think we both sleep better at night knowing he is cozy in his sleep sack.  I had to put in my first zipper, and it actually works!  Whew.  Maybe one day I will feel capable of making my oranges dress?

Anyway, the pattern included a variety of other cozy babywear, such as a hat.  I had just enough fleece leftover to make one:

He wears it and everything!  It's a good thing too because his Toothless hat is getting a bit small and his Yoda beanie has vanished :( :( :( :( :( :( 

(Has anyone seen a Boo Boo-sized Yoda beanie??)

This last item is not really a craft and not an idea I can take credit for either, but it is BRILLIANT.  What do you do with the Christmas cards you want to keep year to year?  Before, I would have said you put them all in the decorations box where they can float around in a mess.  But NOW I will say this: punch a hole in the corners and put them on a binder ring!  They're easy to look through without being a mess and you can keep them organized by year.

(I happened to have a binder ring leftover from the quiet book--which I finished but needs its own post.)

Thus concludes my Christmas craftiness this year.  Who knows what next Christmas will bring and what crafts the Poppy will inspire.  Maybe I will do some more matching jammies again next year?  Only time will tell. 

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  1. Matching jammies!!! What a fun and crafty post. And he sure loves that Saur Sleep Sack.