Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I've been meaning to write a lengthy blog post for months now about why I don't blog as much these days.  But I'll whittle it down to a few sentences instead: I record things elsewhere.  I got a paper reading journal that I write in rather than on Goodreads.  I write in my actual journal.  I record things in the baby journals.  I have a paper planner.  I guess I'm regressing as far as the digital age goes, but I love it.  So, sorry.  My blog posts have been going elsewhere.  

But I do still enjoy keeping up on the blog, at least to a point, and of course it's fun to add in pictures and what not. 

So in that spirit, here are some little things that have been happening lately.  

I will start with a confession.  You know how on special occasions people make fancy/special foods for each other?  For example, for Valentines, Drew wanted to make (simplified) pho and sticky rice.  

Sometimes he asks for ribs or some other favorite food.  Do you know what I asked him to make me for my Valentines meal?*  The same thing I ask for every birthday or special occasion:

Yep.  Velveeta with hot dogs.  DON'T WORRY--it was the fancy Velveeta where you have to make the cheese sauce yourself.  It is delicious, okay guys?!?  

I finally started an etsy store!

Buy my stuff!

I love Kate Morton.

I have read 4 of her 5 books since November and I love them and she is just SO GOOD and I wish she were my spirit animal.  This one might be my favorite.  And I'm so sad that once I read the 5th book I will have to wait until a sixth comes out!  Pretty sure Drewbles is kind of tired of hearing about Kate Morton...

Kate Morton Kate Morton Kate Morton!  


But speaking of other excellent lady authors...

I hosted a book group and our book was Murder on the Orient Express.

I also tormented Mr C with watercolors.

When I say "tormented" I mean I tried to get him to paint and he recoiled and said he was scared, refusing to do it.  But he had no problem telling ME what colors to paint and where.  

(This was actually very similar to his first experience with finger paints about year ago, but with much less sobbing on his part, fortunately.)

I made the mystical three ingredient scones/biscuits.  

Pretty amazing that they turn out!

I've had these three prints for yearrrrrrrs and I rediscovered them when we cleaned out the office.  I put them in frames (for the first time ever!) and now my laundry room looks really cool.  

I finally finished this wreath I started last summer:

It's covered with moss!  I made the little eggs out of model magic and painted them.  

I'm not sure the moss will survive more than one season, but if it falls off or whatever I think I'll just remake it with artificial greenery.  Have I mentioned that I really like making wreaths?  Pretty sure I meant to blog about it...

Well, here are my wreaths:

I also remade a fall leaves one from Walmart, guess I don't have pictures of that one.  Anyway, I have a grand vision of 12 wreaths hanging on the wall in the garage, one for each month.  I think I need about four more!  Maybe by the end of the year...?

*Obviously we did not eat all these meals at once.  Next time...

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  1. Lots of fun things happening! I don't blog like I used to either, but I do like it for some updates.

    And I will read some of your Kate Morton sometime soon, just to see.

    Also: that picture of Smooch!!! Ha ha ha.