Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter 2016, or, Teething Pains

Easter this year was one of highs and lows.  But let's start with the highs!  Even though baby was around last Easter this year felt more like her actual first Easter.  In the morning there was basket investigation:

(Baby got squeezy pouches and some empty eggs because I am a sugar curmudgeon)

(She has been quite happy with the empty eggs.)

(Charlie got a little box of Goldfish, an egg with Reese's pieces and some eggs with jelly beans.)
(Those jelly beans were gone in a matter of minutes.  Kind of embarrassed how quickly I polished off the rest of the bag later...)

Side note: I DID attempt to make those little sock sheep that made the rounds on Facebook.  And...that's all I'll say about that...

ANYway, off we went to church, with everyone looking so fine.  Afterwards, we made some asparagus and headed to Drew's sister's house for the eating and the egging.  We had done some egg hunting that afternoon so Mr. C was very excited to go outside and find eggs.  Pretty sure the only reason I got him to stay inside was because of all the cool toys.

But we had a lovely time munching and mingling, pre-egg hunt.  Mr. C refused to try most of the food aside from the potatoes and rolls (distraction is dinner's enemy), but Baby was a huge fan of everything (except the asparagus of course), especially the ham.  Me too, Baby, me too.

Then we finally went out to find eggs.  Baby was very excited to have more eggs to chew on.

(The only picture we got of the two of them.)

Do you see that metal fence in the back?  There are horses behind there.  Neat, huh?  Well, unfortunately Mr. C tripped on his way to look at the horses and hit his mouth on that bar.  I ran over to see lots of blood and lots of tears and when we took him inside we looked in his mouth to see these broken bits of front teeth and it was just AWFUL.  I almost lost my mind right there.

The bleeding did stop though and we got him some medicine and some TV and he calmed down.  Drew was on the phone for ages to talk to the dentist and texted him a picture of the teeth.  Then the dentist said there was good chance that the teeth were okay, just pushed back in to the gums!  Who knew that was even possible?  I'll be honest, I didn't really believe that was what happened.  I was SURE those teeth were broken right off.  Looking back, I think he would have been in lots more pain if that had happened.

After a while, Mr. C started talking about his teeth being gone and feeling his gums with his tongue.  He also chased after the cat outside and wanted to show it his missing teeth so that was a good sign.  I had happened to bring his jammies (and Kitty too, thank goodness) so he got into those and don't jammies make everything better?

(Luckily all the blood came out.)
He woke up a couple hours after bedtime and was just miserable though, partly from pain I think but also because he was just SO tired.  After another dose of medicine and a blessing, he completely passed out in my arms.  Not sure when I last rocked him to sleep, but it was nice to do again, in spite of the circumstances.  He slept the rest of the night just fine (and has since).

In the morning, right after Baby's check up (two thumbs up), we headed to the dentist.  He'd never been before, but he saw me and Drewbles get a cleaning last fall so I hoped he would do all right.

(You can kind of see how his upper lip was swollen and kind of droopy.)
Well that didn't quite work out.  He sat on my lap for x-rays and sobbed throughout.  He laid on my lap for the (very brief) exam and sobbed throughout--kind of helpful, really, since his mouth was wide open.

But the dentist was right!  We saw on the x-ray those two little top teeth sitting right back up in the gums where they started (also saw his adult teeth above them, whaaaa).  There are a couple little chips, but no nerve damage whatsoever, and the teeth should come back down over the next few months.  So, basically, he's teething again. 

And after the trauma was over, he got to pick a prize!  

He picked one of those grow-in-water dinosaurs and it did indeed grow at least a few centimeters.  We also stopped at the dollar store on the way home where he picked out a red monster truck for surviving the very careful, quick dentist.  And when he put on his jammies a half hour later (as he does at least once a day) I let him wear them all day.  That might have been his favorite reward of all.

Whew.  So, now we are just carefully cleaning the gums and waiting for the teeth to come back down.  An eventful, painful day, but there's no lasting damage--or really much damage at all.  It's basically the best outcome we could have hoped for!  And since we have to periodically check back with the dentist to make sure everything goes according to expectations, maybe we'll get over the sobbing too?  

Back to his old, funny self.

Happy Easter!

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  1. Ha ha haaa, that last picture! Poor boy. I'm so grateful it isn't as bad as it could have been.