Friday, April 01, 2016

Bathroom Redoux

That's how you pluralize redo, right?

This year, instead of focusing on a major overhaul of the kitchen, we've decided to do a house project per month and our goal is do it for under $100.  Some projects will probably go over that, but others will definitely be well under it so it should all balance out.  Some of these projects will chip away at the kitchen too so win win.  This month we decided to redo the guest bathroom, which has been on the list for over a year.  

The inspiration for the color was the children's book Miss Suzy, which is one of my very favorites.  Well, that is probably obvious since I based this bathroom off it.  The color we went with is called Cottage Grove and we chose it after much deliberation.  My instinct was to go pale with the color, but then I watched Rehab Addict and Nicole convinced me that bathrooms are the ideal place to go bold with color.  So I sent her a high five across the ether and went for it. 

After a long morning going to a million stores to gather all our goods, we put babies to bed and got to work.

I will admit I was afraid of what I'd done after that first coat.  But even with my misgivings we decided to just paint the half bath downstairs too.  Why not, right?  We are all about using up paint.  So we did that.

Once the painting was finally done, we added some hardware to the cabinets and hung a shelf to put some doodads on.  And that was it!  

(Nothing changed but the paint downstairs)

And by the next day I loved it.  I think the green is so pretty and vibrant and that's just what I was going for.  Plus Boo Boo will walk in and say with delight "Miss Suzy!" and that is a nice perk too.

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  1. It looks so great and bright and unique! The color is much lovelier than in the photos too.