Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A Winner is You!

So, Oscar noms. Not too much unexpected there. I'm happy Lemony Snicket got a good handful, I hope they win at least two. There were definitely some snubs, which vexes me greatly. I'm hoping Johnny Depp wins, just to see the look on Chris Rock's face, and, you know, because he deserves it.

JK Rowling had her baby this weekend--hurray for the perpetuation of the race of Rowling.

I finished Timeline today, a book that is so much better than the movie it spawned. (Though it's still clunky and one of the most textbook sounding of his books) Still, the fact that Marek decides to stay in the 14th century really irritates me. It was a little more plausible in the book, but still...he was so smart the rest of the book and then he made a dunderheaded move like that.

Speaking of good movies, I saw that film classic called Catwoman this weekend. I mean, how often does a movie with a bad script/acting/costumes/music/cinematography/action sequences/CGI all in one package come along? Not since The Musketeer, surely.

There has been a lot of discussion lately about being addicted to one show or the watching many shows and being addicted to none of them. Having experienced both methods, I find that, in the end, it's better to get into 1-2 shows and in general ignore the rest. That way, you have something regular and planned to look forward to each week.

As for me, it's time to eat and watch whatever's on tv.

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  1. Whatever. You love the Musketeer. Oh yeah, and thanks for wrecking Timeline. I'm 3/4 ways through it and now it's completetly ruined. Thanks ruiner. I had no idea about Marek. I thought she was going to leave with Brian Spilner to the 41st century! Thanks ruiner!