Monday, January 10, 2005

Wretched Wretchedness

Not to be negative or anything, but one thing I hate beyond all comprehension is waking up in the morning when I am not ready to wake up. Waking up prematurely is bad enough, but when Monday is part of the mix, as well as early morning winter darkness, it becomes the most hated event of my day. If there is anything worse than this, it is the sound of an alarm clock--such an obnoxious sound I would like to take a sledge hammer to it. Grrrrr.

In other news, I also dislike:
  • People chewing with their mouths open (except in the case of stuffed noses, of course)
  • People smacking gum with their mouths open
  • The people's choices in the People's Choice Awards. Favorite female action star: Angelina Jolie. Please.
  • That the movie industry doesn't consult me and, thus, makes some bad decisions about good movies.
  • Other things that will come to me as they happen.

Blarg I'm so bored. I don't have class for another 40 minutes, and there's nothing to do online. What is the remedy, I ask you? Some dude next to me is looking at a diagram of an energy well. So I guess it could be worse.


  1. I knew you didn't want to go to breakfast!! And I knew you hate the way I eat too!! Now I'm so self-conscious. AHHH

  2. This is Tad Hamilton. Lets have breakfast.