Sunday, January 16, 2005


Greetings, fellow time travellers. We meet again.

I saw the movie Troy last week. While trailers would have you believe otherwise, this movie is about a group of dunderheads with no clear central character. Positively speaking, Eric Bana is an excellent Hector and has better pecs than Achilles "King Dunderhead" Pitt. Paris is a moron and Orlando's hair is too poofy to be proper eye candy. Alas. On the up side, I was happy Andromache didn't die so that some kind of Hector essence would live on. In conclusion, if you want to see Troy, just read it in 15 Minutes, because that is better.

I saw The Village this weekend, which is somewhat better the second time. The music is fantabulous. Joaquin Phoenix is always good, but Bryce Dallas Howard is defintely the high point in the movie.

In related news, as I am currently infected with Gerard Butler-itis, I put myself through Tomb Raider 2 today also. It's always encouraging to see a movie that takes advantage of every second of film to do an action sequence. It also showcased every mode of transportation known to man, including shark and flying squirrel suits. On the up side, there was a some nice scenery (and here I refer to the on location kind, not just the Gerard Butler kind).

So in some non-movie news... Hmm. I keep seeing the Kingdom of Heaven trailer and it is growing on me. I think I have been sucked in by the dramatic female soloist music. The only thing that trailer is missing is Djimon Honsou (who, somehow, got roped into Tomb Raider)--it's even got the Elysium Wheat going on.

Good news for people who care: Hot Topic is carrying the Oliver Wood t-shirt again. Hurrah for minor characters with endearing accents and Quidditch fever!

More good news for people who care: Monday=holiday! Dancing in the streets!

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  1. Who is Gerarad Buttler? As far as dunderheads go, I would watch Troy anytime over Tomb Raider 2. I had almost forgotten that that movie existed, I think almost everyone else did too.