Saturday, May 20, 2006

Thoughts on 22

So, I think "Magic Works" may just be my favorite song, seeing as how I still play it about five times a day, and it's been out for over six months now. So, only time will tell but that's what preliminary reports are suggesting.

Well, I'm not 22 anymore and it's sad. I don't feel any older, but gosh I am. Next year I'm definitely going to go down a year instead of up. I will respond the effects of Age Gravity, a little studied science.

In celebration of this event I watched two bad movies, but only one of them was good. The first was The Producers, which had a promising premise. On the positive side, Matthew Broderick was very funny, and Will Ferrel was crazy and so funny also. Everything else was either A) Pointless/Unnecessary or B) Dumb or C) Both. Plus, the songs weren't very good. Basically, even if you are inexplicably drawn to glitzy Broadway plays, it's best to be inexplicably drawn to a different one.

Speaking of inexplicable drawings, the second movie was Van Helsing because, dang it, I love that movie. I mean, nothing makes sense! Nothinnnnnng! And yet there is such great eye candy and quotable lines like "Too bad. So sad." Classic! And, dang it, I love that movie but there's really no good reason why.

Let's see, in other news... I found a Goat Boy t-shirt on Hot Topic that was pretty funny. I remember that one episode where David Duchovny was Goat Boy's long-lost brother. I don't remember anything else, but I remember the idea of a goat/man hybrid was really funny.

Oh, in the coolest news item of the night I got this item. It's pretty much the coooolest thing ever because I mean, it's THE JAR. So far I have had the following suggestions for what to put in it: money, cookies, deadly nightshade or salt. I haven't made my decision yet. Ew, Kevin Spacey is on SNL. Anyway, it's a sweetbees jar. Over and out!

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  1. Ooh, very nice jar! Where do I get one?

    Neither The Producers nor Van Helsing have inexplicably drawn me to watch them.