Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ruby Rap

Well apparently no one cared about my birthday blog, but that's okay. Sort of. Anyway, I'm listening to Fifth Element at the moment, because I was working on my French homework. But now I'm done so I need to study for my test and stuff. But all I really want to do is eat some more and watch the next episode of Ivanhoe. I forgot how dirty medieval movie people are (except in Timeline, which doesn't have the attempt at accuracy to count).

So, today I bailed on work early because I just couldn't take it. But I stayed for three hours which was pretty impressive since I wanted to leave before I ever got there. I ate some Chunky soup about an hour ago and even though it is supposedly "soup that eats like a meal" I feel like I've just had soup. I think one of the funniest Seinfeld episodes is the one where Jerry gets an Armani suit from Kenny and agrees to take him out to dinner for it. So he takes him out but Kenny only gets the soup and says it doesn't count because it's just soup. It's so funny.

What else was I going to say about soup, I can't remember. Oh yeah, there are these Burger King commercials all about their new "man burger". Well, I'm here to tell you that that man burger doesn't daunt me and I'm going to eat one on Thursday. Dangit, I can eat two six dollar burgers and fries from Carls' Jr--I can eat their fracking man burgers too. I'M HUNGRY TOO. I DON'T EAT "CHICK FOOD."* Quite a few months ago I was declared to be the "bottomless pit" of the family and I aim at upholding my title as long as my metabolism allows me to. Speaking of which, I need to start running again so I can maintain said metabolism. I also need to rustle up some more grub.

*...except when I do...but I eat it in mass quantities, does that count?

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