Monday, July 03, 2006

Chasing Cars

I saw Superman last week. It was pretty good except for its flaws. And what was up with Lex Luthor and his boots? Were they security boots? Were they evil genius boots? Why did he wear them with suits? And why did he always tuck his pants into his boots? So far I'm the only person to notice these boots and that's another question: how can you not notice them? Do I just watch too much What not to Wear? I like to think I would notice them anyway as an oddity. Oh, and seriously, I don't think the Clark-Kent-is-Superman issue has ever been so obvious. That's what makes that one scene in Mystery Men so good.
"Lance Hunt is Captain Amazing."
"Lance Hunt wears glasses, Captain Amazing doesn't wear glasses."
"He takes them off when he transforms!"
"That doesn't make any sense. He wouldn't be able to see!"

That's a good movie. Anyway, I saw another good movie this weekend: Serenity. It was way good but the end was totally stressful. So then I watched the Battlestar miniseries, which was much more relaxing. Mainly because I knew what was going to happen and because Gaius rocks my socks with his crazy weasle-y ways.

I thought I had more to say but I guess I don't. I think I'm going to go to bed. That sounds nice.


  1. Well it looks like you are still bloxxing. Just like I knew you would. Thanks for not commenting either.

  2. I bloxxed before you bloxxed. Thats what makes me better. Just remember these simple phrase: If we outlaw bloxxes, only the outlaws will have outlaws bloxxes. Do you ever watch Dog the Bounty Hunter?

  3. A blox is a blox and blog is a blog. And if we don't get no bloxz, then we don't eat no blogs.

  4. I was going to watch Superman, then decided not to. Mystery Men is awesome (along with Tombstone and Fifth Element, it's one you recommended to me), and Serenity kicks butt. I know what you mean (I think) about the end. I can barely watch the bit right after the crash landing, even though I know what's coming. So sad.

    Also, one of these days I will watch Battlestar Galactica. I haven't had a good sci-fi show to watch in forever.