Sunday, July 30, 2006


Well I saw Lady in the Water yesterday because Scoop is not playing closer than an hour away. What is up with that? I mean, it's Hugh. My consolation prize was the full trailer for The Fountain, which looks good in a trippy sort of way. Anyway, back to the movie. It was...good. In a funny sort of way. It reminded me of a dream--just dreams in general--because it was totally out there but it made sense in its own context. But thinking about it outside the theater or trying to tell someone else the story makes it sound ridiculous--like so many dreams. So, in that way it was kind of cool. The acting was good, and it had nice bits of humor. On the negative side, I think the story got pushed a fraction too far and there were some rambling bits that added nothing (Mr. Farber, anyone?). So, to sum up: it was very creative, perhaps a little too creative, with good acting. But it's not one that sticks to you like The Sixth Sense or Signs.

In other news, I don't have much news. I have to put my presentation on Merenptah together tomorrow since, of course, it's the last day to do it. Gosh, I'm hungry. Maybe I should go eat something. I had some Chinese food on Thursday and it was pretty good. I really want some cheap Panda Express now.

I started going through my stuff last night, and I've already got a laundry basket full of stuff to get rid of. I love getting rid of stuff. I just want to go through everything right now and pack it all up. But then I might need it in the next three weeks. Darn. Well, I've grown a powerful hunger since I started this blog so methinks it's time for eggs.

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  1. I wonder if you'll notice there's a comment on a post this old.

    I thought Lady in the Water was hilarious, but only really watchable once. The plot was silly, but I loved the characters. I even thought the self-indulgence of Shayamalan's cameo and the film critic being a snob were funny. The guy with the one huge arm was my favorite. As a bonus, he didn't plagiarize the concept for this one, like he did with The Village.

    On a funny note, my brother Jimmy went with a girl to see Lake House, thinking it was Lady in the Water. Oops!