Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh, the Craftiness of Me!

Last night I found myself gluing buttons to a picture frame. It was very exciting, but even more exciting was gluing buttons to magnets (courtesy of La Dolcezza). Who knew there was a whole word of one-of-a-kind magnets, waiting to be made with only glue, buttons and my brain? This got me thinking about some of my other crafty exploits, and while they are not many, they are all pretty memorable.

First, here are my magnets. The heart magnet is fitting in very well with the crowd of wedding announcements on the fridge.
And if I refer to the knight as "Sir Cadogan" anyone surprised?
Now, here is something really special. Few people know that I like to make things with foil candy wrappers. In the past, "things" has always just meant legs that stand up, with the occasional full figure, complete with a Hershey Kiss paper scarf. This past Saturday I branched out and made myself some killer bling. Yeah, that girl on the TV is blown away too (if you know what I was watching I will make you a foil person of your very own. Except Marcue because she was there.).
As for the rest of my craftiness, well, it is pretty much used only to make Harry Potter costume accessories. My favorite is probably the Rita Skeeter bug that I made for the Goblet of Fire movie opening. Ingredients are as follows: a jar intended for painting, a fake plant from Wal-Mart, a fake bug from the Bean Museum, my roommate's acrylics, and superglue. Sadly, opportunities to carry this around are few and far between these days.
My latest bout of HP craftiness was for Order of the Phoenix and Deathly Hallows. I had a friend who dressed up as Luna Lovegood, and of course she needed some earrings. The best part about these earrings is that the radish bodies are bells. Hello, pretty camera.
Now if only I had a picture of my Mandrake plant.

Also, if anyone knows the movie I'm quoting (in an adapted fashion) in the title, then you are very smart and smarter than all of these people (#3).


  1. Ooo oooo Horatio! Okay, that's just a guess of what's on the television.

    Your buttons turned out nicely! Do I get the benefit of those button magnets in our apartment?

    Your bling quite lovely, too. I think you should market those to poor college students.

  2. Control,

    Your magnets are quite nice. Look at that comp-ay-tonce! (how DOES one portray a very fake, nasal French accent in print?) And I very much enjoy the Rita Skeeter bug. It would go very nicely with the butterfly magnets I bought at the Bean Museum. I would show them to you, but on Thursday I officially started packing by taking the magnets off my fridge. That's all I did, but eet ees somezing, no?

  3. Ferskner: OK, that was a lucky guess, but I will give it to you. Even though I bet you can't tell me which episode it is.

    And yes, you may look at my magnets as much as you like in D'Calc. You may even touch them on occasion.

    Marcue: Comp-ay-TONCE! Oui Oui! Vive le roi! Fie-yah! Etc. etc.!

    Horatio is memorable for all those words and more.

  4. I am going to guess that your blogpost title is a reference to Peter Pan's exultant exclamation, "Oh, the cleverness of me!"

  5. I have never seen Horatio and did not get it. I would watch it though!!! Hmmm. It is hours and hours long though right?
    Also, I don't know how I missed this post until now. Oh yeah. I do know. I got distracted by non-internet beings.
    I love your magnets!!!

  6. All I remember of what I was of Horatio was that just as I was about to fall asleep there was a decent battle scene.

    The foil rings are pretty impressive; I like that you can see bits of Reese's logos, it's a nice touch.

  7. Drew: You are correct! And consequently, I deem you smart.

    La Dolcezza: Horatio is made up of 8 episode, each is about one hour and 40 minutes. The first four and last two are stand alone episodes, while 5 & 6 are one story. But you definitely have to watch them in order. I should have told you when Marcue and I were watching them! And what exactly are these "non-Internet beings"? Do you really mean "being"? And did I see that being on Sunday? :)

    Professor: Sadly, the rings do not last very long, but they're quite pretty while they last.