Friday, July 04, 2008

This is a messed up country

Did I make you think this was going to be a blog ranting about the government and politics? Well, it's not. I was actually just quoting The Mummy because that's what came to mind. And, just for the record, I'm going to see the third one even though 1) I think it's an unnecessary sequel 2) No Imoteph? Sad. 3) No Rachel Weisz? More sad. 4) Mario Bello? Most sad. Luckily it still has Brendan Fraser and John Hannah and I'm sure it will be over the top and fun. Or it SHOULD be.

Wow, I was not planning to say any of that. Back to the subject! An hour and 46 minutes ago it was still Independence Day, which I love. Early American history is my favorite American history, which is why I watched Last of the Mohicans...twice. And while part of me wishes (just a tiny bit!) that England had won the war, thus making us all British citizens, I am quite content with my American citizenship.

Now of course we have hot dogs, fireworks and blockbuster movies to celebrate this momentous occasion, but I decided we all need something extra this year. And that something extra is...Hugh Laurie.

(You're welcome.)


  1. Haha. Well, I'm very patriotic and very glad England didn't win the war and franceland didn't get its chance to take advantage of a young, new nation, but I agree that other than Sousa marches, we have awful patriotic music. And why is it that most of our patriotic tunes have to be country tunes? Why can't good American bands like Cake be more patriotic, instead of bashing us all the time? Lame. And I was disappointed in Last of the Mohicans.

    I'll enjoy the variety of accents offered by English speakers across the world, but be glad for my American accent, because it's not southern or New Englander.

  2. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Hee hee hee! Thank you for adding Hugh Laurie's song to the America mix. I needed that. While I am an Anglophile, I am glad I'm an American too. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, and although I had fun this year, there was something missing in my 4th of July festivities. Hugh Laurie almost made up for it. Now please excuse me while I go practice my British accent.


  3. What would be the word for someone who likes Iceland? Icelandophile? Or Scandanavia in general? Scandophile? Vikingphile? They're Germanic, so maybe Germanophile? That's getting too broad, though.

  4. I love Hugh. And America.

  5. Hugh Laurie makes up for not going to our party on the 4th, but the double fireworks plan made it an extra special holiday!