Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I know, I know, I can hear you now. Another list of random facts about myself? But you know...this one is different and plus, I was tagged so I *have* to do it. Technically you don't *have* to read it but you'll be glad you did! Also, I tag any of you who haven't done this yet--which is most of you--and I double tag Ferskner to give her extra motivation.

i am - working at the library.

i think - too much about little things.

i want - a rabbit named Pancakes.

i have - more posters featuring Orlando Bloom than anyone needs.

i wish - my ankles were thinner.

i hate - those goofy gift books that are just cozy pictures and sappy quotes.

i miss - people.

i fear - nighttime intruders and having no bat to beat them with.

i feel - pretty good.

i hear - shhh, it's a library.

i smell - books.

i search - as ever, for Peter Pan and...I mean,I search for ways to integrate movie quotes in my conversations.

i wonder - why thinking about things makes your insides react when, technically, they aren't involved.

i regret - stuff.

i love - lots of stuff!

i care - too little sometimes.

i always - make my bed.

i am not - as smart as I like to think I am.

i believe - I can touch the sky.

i dance - rarely and poorly.

i sing - along with instrumental music.

i don't always - say the right thing.

i write - silly stories and fanfics sometimes. What?!

i win - at MarioKart.

i lose - my brush a lot.

i never - lock myself out.

i listen - to techno remixes of video game music.

i can usually be found - in the library.

i'm scared - of camel hoppers.

i read - none of my textbooks.

i'm happy about - October.


  1. I don't think you're as scared of camel spiders as you profess.

  2. I am happy about this post. *steals!*

  3. Hahahaha! Yay for integrating movie quotes into everyday conversation. I enjoy swapping lines with you! :)

  4. October is the best right? I think I may go enjoy some fall leaves.

    Ths "stuff" you regret and the "stuff" you love aren't the same stuffs are they???