Friday, September 26, 2008

Spinning in Circles

As some of you know, I got a nifty new camera in April. In addition to being red and small, my camera also came with the nifty panorama feature. To sum up, it helps you take overlapping pictures and comes with a program that stitches them together. Neato, right?

I've used it a few times, starting in Logan, Utah, in May. We were staying on the side of the mountains so it, to say the least, a great view. Check it out!

The tricky thing about panoramas is that you want them to be big enough to see the details but the bigger it is the longer it is and the more you have to scroll. Which is maybe why I'm partial to the last of the Logan panoramas.

I tried to get a panorama of Disneyland from the hotel but it was night and it just didn't turn out. One more thing to try again when I go back! Anyway, so on that same trip I got a 360 degree of BYU on the south border. It's super long.
In more pedestrian panoramas, this is the luxury pond at my old apartment complex. Why I took a panorama of it, I couldn't say.
And finally, in August we went to the art museum in St. Louis, which is in Forest Park. And Forest Park is so lovely I had to take a picture of it. Look at all that lovely Missouri-ness!
A few weeks ago I stumbled on this gorgeous nighttime panorama of Paris. Unfortunately I don't have the URL and I have no idea who did it, but luckily I saved a copy. So look at it and imagine a photographer and a website and say "Wow, imagined photographer, you got mad skills!"
Wait a second...I'm supposed to be doing homework right now. My bad.


  1. Very nice. I recognize most of that scenery! It's too bad the panoramas get squeezed to such a small image in the body of the blog post, but the full-sized images are pretty cool. Keep them coming!

  2. I mis lake Summitt Point! Did you also feed the turtles when you took that picture?

  3. Mountains!!!! You took pictures of mountains and you held out on me?! Hello Utah! I miss you! :)

    Thanks for that, Control!

    ~The now-blogging Marcue :)

  4. Crap dangit I need a new camera!!! But mine works perfectly fine, it's just not as sweet as yours!

    I adore that Paris picture, particularly Montmartre. tee hee hee

  5. Wait wait wait... Marcue is blogging?!

  6. Professor: that is a sad thing about panoramas, but I will indeed keep them coming.

    Dolcezza: I did in fact feed the turtles that day! I also tried to catch one but it didn't happen. (And she IS blogging! Amazing!)

    Marcue: Sorry! Will you forgive me if I show you more?

    Shelley: if you, my fellow art historian, approve they must be cool. :)

    Ferskner: If you love your camera more, it will become cooler.