Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2008: I Liked You

2008 is gone forever and there will never be another one, isn't that sad? I don't generally tend to be a fan of one year more than the other--they are all good for different reasons usually--but I did really enjoy 2008. 2007 was all right for the most part but 2008 had some really great things. Here a few of my favorite 2008 things/happening/stuffs (luckily 2008 included a new camera so I am not without a visual record of these lovely things):
  • Adult Reader's Advisory. Still my favorite SLIS class...which maybe is not saying much, but it is my very very favorite!
  • Sundry foods: Haagen-Dazs Fleur de Sel, Gatorade Rain lime flavor, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (aka BCE), Inn-n-Out burgers, gummi coke bottles and probably some other stuff.
  • Travels: Chicago, Washington, Utah (twice)
  • Summer in Bloomington. Just in general.
  • D'CALC! The best librarian apartment that ever existed.
I also did a number of new things, and they were all fun and exciting so I'm putting them in their own special section of specialness:
  • Disneyland! Oh how do I love thee... In some ways I'm jealous that I never went as a kid, but I also wouldn't trade my maiden voyage for anything. I'm still hoping they'll have a librarian job at the Beast's Library in May...
  • Las Vegas. OK, so I never actually got out of the car, but I saw the city from the ground and that is the closest I have ever been. Maybe next time I go down that way I can stop for the loo at Caesar's Palace.
  • IKEA. What was my favorite part? Probably seeing those wooden drawing figures available in a variety of bright hues.
  • I got to introduce the Boyfriend to my parents which was...not a big deal at all as it turns out.
Other runnerups (runners up?) for interesting events: turning down a co-worker (sorry, Nemesis), dying my hair red, nightswimming with a frog, the museum in Ohio, a crazy awesome first half of season 4 of Battlestar Galactica and some other stuff I can't remember. Anyway, 2009 is looking full of nice things as well. Since I like lists, let's look at a list of things I'm looking forward to, in rough chronological order:
  • Spring.
  • Spring Break! (Disclaimer: ! is not an accurate indicator of the level of excitement.)
  • Graduation foreverty ever from school
  • Moving to Utah, where I never planned to live again
  • Disneyland! Again!
  • Getting a job? Maybe? Making real money? So I can start paying those loans back.
  • Spring Break! (Disclaimer: Multiple listings do not accurately indicate level of excitement.)
So until one of those things happens, I will try in vain to enjoy winter and salivate over pictures of Disneyland. What, illustrious readers, are some things you look forward to in 2009?


  1. Things I love best about this post:

    o gummi coke bottles listed among favorite foods

    o Aspirations to work in the Beast's "library"

    o Those colored people at IKEA!!!

    o 'Boyfriend' is capitalized. Better than inside quotation marks, though, eh?

    o Definitely "runners up," not runnerups, for heaven's sake

    o Use of the term "foreverty ever"

    o Spring Break! With its many disclaimers

    P.S. Las Vegas is a pit. It's good to go there at least once, but bleh.

  2. I'll have to think about what I'm most looking forward to this year, but for now, I'm going to also say... Spring Break! ... though BYU does not subscribe to this practice.

  3. I'm looking forward to making some money this winter, and possibly graduating in December if the scheduling works out.

    And "runners up" is correct, I believe.

  4. Oh, I see Drew already corrected "runners up."

  5. I think Drew is a racist, since he says "colored people at IKEA."

  6. 2008 was pretty nice, but 2009 looks pretty promising too. It has to when it starts with one Ferskner jumping on a bed so much that the downstairs neighbor comes up to complain, right?

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  8. Hooray for 2009 and also 2008. I am glad you enjoyed Ikea, the meatballs are to die for. I love those wooden figures! I always want a red one.

    And as Drew said, yes, please use the term "forevery ever."

    And I can't believe gummy coke bottles are your favorite! Those are the most random candies to love, and yet you do! Which is just great. Well, have a glorious day, and say hi to my brother for me!

  9. Disneyland was great! I am looking forward to it again. I really want to go on the Soarin' California again.

  10. Julie, we will BREAK Drew if it kills us. I say every time he tries to talk to you online or webcam or email or anything, just link to an episode of Battlestar and say, "SHH!" when he tries to protest. THAT'll get 'im!

    Also, I'm an editor, so I get to have a say, and I say grammar and punctuation do NOT count on the internet. The end.

  11. I'm glad you liked 2008 - D'CALC was the best! (And still is.)