Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Words: I Don't Want to Read Them

I've been doing my reading for class this morning and here are the opening sentences of two of my articles:

"Bronzed skin over rippling muscles, the gleam of oil smoothed over strong your attention? Well, it's time to continue wrestling with the search process. Back to the mats!"*


"The information needs and information-seeking behavior of social scientists have been the focus of inquiry within library and information science (LIS) research for decades. Folster reviewed the major studies that have been conducted in this area over the past three decades. She found that research methods had developed through several stages."**

I can't decide which is worse.

*"Inside a Searcher's Mind: the Seven Stages of an Online Search" by Barbara Quint
**Information Seeking in Academic Research: a Study of the Sociology Faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison" by Yi Shen


  1. Wow. I don't know which is worse, either!

    Oh, wait, I do. The first one is way worse. The second one is just dry and boring, but the first one thinks it's clever and isn't. That's far worse.

  2. Okay, confession time: I know who assigned that first reading. He's assigned it as reading in at least two other classes! The paragraph is so bad, it just stays with you. That's how I know.

    Ah, academic reading, why can't you be more fun without weirding me out?

  3. I disagree with all of you, at least about the first one anyway. I never knew library science could be so fun and flashy. I can guess what was "Inside [that] Searcher's Mind". Oh Barbara, you old clown.

  4. The first one is totally worse. As if wrestling weren't awkwardly pseudo-sexual enough as it is! The next one is dry, but at least it doesn't contain innuendo... Or does it?...

  5. Ugh. You are not selling me on going back to school.