Sunday, January 11, 2009

Who Needs Food?

Ah, school is here again. Just four little classes stand between me and permanent academic freedom. Unfortunately raging cases of senioritis and pining also stand between me and that freedom, but hopefully I can coax a few more good grades out of myself. In the meantime, I will be living on a diet of these two things:

Roommates: I am sorry.


  1. Josh is the man. And so is that guy in the photo above Josh. Who IS he anyway?

    ... Raging cases of senioritis and pining... Hee.

  2. Having never *really* met the guy in the top photo, I can only say that I think I understand.

    However, Josh can sing for me anytime. Never apologize for playing him! :) Let's make Ferskner like him now!

  3. I still think you need food, but I'm just a scientist.

  4. Food?!? Who needs food?? I am fueled by webcamming and Josh too! It's all the nourishment one could ever need!

    Joke. Eat.

  5. So you're trying to make me like Josh, eh? Keep trying, my dears. Keep trying.