Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lucky: That's What I Am

Last night on Facebook I changed my status to say that I'm the luckiest girl in the world. People seemed to interpret this (understandably) as a reflection of my current romantical status. That is true, but it's actually not what I had in mind when I wrote that status. I will enlighten you all now, since it is a pretty good resolution.

For my web design class we've been making websites for a client all semester. Mine was mostly together on Sunday night, and I was just going to add some things on Monday afternoon before class, when we were all going to show our websites to the class. But sometime in those hours before class the whole site kind of fell apart and it looked like garbage. So I sat there and cried to myself and emoticon cried to Drew and decided to skip class and lose 5% of my grade. I did get it all back together and nice looking after about 2 hours, but class was over. Sad. But! As it turns out the SLIS server was down just during class and no one could present and class was cancelled! And now we're just doing all the reviewing and commenting of each other's sites online! Magical! I really couldn't believe my good luck.

I have been feeling pretty lucky lately. Here are some reasons why:
  • I found the entire second season of Battlestar Galactica for $35. Normally it is sold in halves for that price. SCORE.
  • I passed the website along to my client last night and she raved about it. I do believe the phrase she used was that she "kind of loves my guts."
  • I'm almost done with school for good! Less than two weeks to go.
  • I'm going to Disneyland next month! I predict it will be the BDTE.
  • I have three kinds of delicious cheese in my fridge. Gouda is so gooda.
  • I found jeans at Kohl's that were on sale and in my size. Needless to say, I bought them.
  • Hugh Jackman made a movie for me and it comes out next week.
  • I came to work today and got a mini cheesecake.
  • There are flowers everywhere!
If I were a really irritating and inexplicably popular blogger, I might say something about being seriously so blessed. Instead I will say I am the luckiest girl in the world. There are a number of things coming up in the next couple weeks that I'm really not looking forward to, but that's okay. Life is good.


  1. Wow, I'll say you're lucky! I'm glad it all worked out with your website.

    Hey, since we're roommates and everything, do you want to share some luck with me so I can get a job?

  2. You are the luckiest.

  3. That was nice of Hugh. I think I'll see it too, if you don't mind.

  4. Wow! That is so lucky. I probably would have done the same thing if that had happened to me at the end of school. I'm glad that came together for you.