Saturday, April 04, 2009

Oh You: I Loved You So

Some of you faithful blog readers are aware of certain recent developments in the life and times of myself. Some of you have been there to see the process, some of you have even been experiencing the same thing. I feel like I need to recognize this event, officially, on my blog.

Yes, it's true. Battlestar Galactica is officially over, as of March 20th. I've loved it long and now it's left me and joined the illustrious ranks of Firefly and Veronica Mars as shows I love that are gone sooner than I would have liked. I'm not going to tell you all my thoughts on the show's end because there are several of you that haven't finished it (or haven't started it, yet) and I don't want to spoil it for anyone. So instead I'll just ramble off a few things I love about this show.

I started watching it for this fine fellow. (Hi, Jamie Bamber! I still love you best as Archie.) And oh, it was so worth it. I have decided I don't really get into sci-fi too much unless it's like SCI-FI with space ships and the future (or the ancient future ala Star Wars). <--random aside There are a lot of reasons to love BSG and I can't really go into them because of spoilers. I will just sum it up with: characters, one of my favorite relationships ever, space battles, exploding things, awesome things, intrigue, drama, pretty music, lots of !!!! moments and other stuff.

Here are some things I will miss about the Battlestar Galactica experience: eating drumsticks, flailing and hollering at the TV, discussing the latest developments with my kith and kin, trying to explain it to Ferskner and, mostly, having that hour to look forward to on Fridays. There are basically only two things I will not miss: having it turn scandalous while my Mom is in the room and having to wait 10 months between halves of the seasons.

Oh Battlestar, I miss you already.


  1. WTH, way to throw me for a total loop at the start of this post. You are too clever.

    One day I will watch this show, and then we shall seeeeee, shan't we??

  2. Yeah, I still don't get it, but it was fun trying! Maybe I would have understood it if you'd shared one of those Drumsticks with me...

  3. ME TOO! To pretty much all of this post. (Veronica Mars, eh? I'll give it a try.) I'm not the most Sci-Fi kind of girl, but MAN was this series good! Let's just remember that saving everyone from New Caprica episode when the BSG is actually FALLING through the atmosphere as the fighters are flying out. THAT is some good TV my friend. Gooooood TV.

  4. Reina: So say we all! Don't you wish this phrase were more common in everyday society?

    D-Rew: I am indeed quite clever. It's good of you to recognize it.

    Ferksner: If you had understood it I would have rewarded you with a Drumstick because that would have been impressive indeed.

    Cami: Yes, try Veronica Mars! I think you would like it, simply because we have several favorite shows in common. In a few weeks I would be happy to lend you season 1 which, alas, is the only one I own. And YES, that moment is one of my favorite scenes. I remember watching it with my mouth hanging open.