Monday, June 15, 2009

The Mall: I Mostly Like It

I went to the mall today*, primarily to pay off my dress**, but of course I wandered around for at least two hours going into stores, leaving, going back, walking back and forth as is my custom. I really like the mall. I think this is partly because during most of my growing up years the mall was a few hours away, and I only had Wal-Mart and JC Penney during the inbetween times. Whatever it is, I still really like the mall and it's always a little bit exciting to go. But today I decided there are a few things that I don't really like, and even though these things can happen at other store-type places, I encounter them mostly at the mall. Let's review.
  • Interested employees. I can appreciate employees when they ring me up or when they organize things in a pleasing fashion, but mostly I want them to leave me be. The worst place this can happen is at the underwear store. Is it just me or is it a little uncomfortable to have a stranger hovering about when you are rifling through the clearance underwears?
  • The pushy booth workers. There's nothing better than someone just sitting at their kiosk reading a book and completely ignoring me. I don't want a new cell phone plan and I don't care about having fingernails with the sheen of a newly waxed floor. On the other hand, the Hickory Farms people may stop me as often as they please because I'm always in need of beef stick and smoked cheese.
I guess there wasn't much of a point for this blog. Just a few random things that caused me minor vexation for a few minutes. I still like the mall.

*I started this blog on Monday and finished it on Tuesday, so technically I should say yesterday.

** I would love to post pictures of the ensemble, but a certain Intended frequents this blog so you will have to wait until after August 15th.


  1. Doooh, I want to see the dress, but of course I would rather not just yet. I heard on the radio about those fingernail buffing guys harassing and accosting people in Fashion Place Mall. Let's boycott them!

    In general, this post causes me to realize that you are such a girl (in your overall appreciation for the mall). That's a good thing, by the way, you being a girl.

  2. Yes, I LOVE when the kiosk people ignore me. Awesome times. I haven't frequented the malls here since we moved. I still miss my MD malls.

  3. Remember when we would go to Target and you would insist that we park on the far side so we would have to walk through the mall?