Friday, June 12, 2009

A request

Dear roommate:

I know we haven't known each other long. Really, we don't know each other at all because you are never home and I'm never home. I'm always asleep in my saggy bed by the time you get home. I like being asleep. It's relaxing and a good thing to do in the night times. So when you come in in the wee hours of the morning and turn the light on, it really angers me in my half-awake, irrational state. I'd really like to get a little more uninterrupted sleep before your crazy alarm goes off with the singing and the sitar. Plus, I don't want to despise you because I don't even know you, but at 5:30 this morning I did feel a little twinge of loathing mixed with my vexation.

The hall light is your friend and mine.



  1. YES! How horribly rude of her to turn on the light! Sheesh! Obnoxious. Good luck with that. Just 1.5 more months to go!

  2. You should send her that letter. Good grief, your next roommate better be awesome!! :) You deserve a great one.