Friday, August 20, 2010

In Which We Do Things Differently

Mr. Graham and I have a lot in common, which is a good thing for our well being(s), but there are some ways that we are pretty different. Some of these differences are super, super crucial. Like the way we dispose of our Starburst wrappers.

Mr. Graham's way:
My way:
We did, however, both agree that the Starbursts were delicious. Phew!


  1. That's the difference between boys and girls. Yes! The only one!

    Okay, probably not the only one.

    They were very delicious.

  2. Ha-ha. Cute. And when I was a kid Starbust wrappers weren't even trash. We made chains out of them!

  3. Your way is more awesomer.

  4. I'm a folder, too! Who'da thought?

  5. Let's hope it's not the only one, Drew! And Julie, my way is closer to your way than Drew's way.