Monday, August 09, 2010

In Which We Go to England: Part 4

Another week has come and gone, and we ended this last one with a move to another living place (that's four now, if you're counting). Luckily this was the last time for moving, and we will be spending our last weeks in our very favorite place so far. Don't worry, pictures are coming, but let's do this chronologically shall we? List!
  • My co-worker Caity's old roommate, Melissa, had been visiting for the last week, and for her last night we all went for Italian food and another stop at Platform 9 3/4. (Of course, Melissa wound up coming back a few days later after many failed attempts to get on planes via stand by, but she did finally flee the country successfully on Saturday.)
  • After several unsuccessful tries at getting into the theatre, we finally got tickets for Les Mis! I had never seen it, and even though I don't love it, I just felt compelled. After seeing it I still don't love it and I actually think, technically speaking, it's rather flawed, but the music seems to cover the weaknesses. Also, the guy who played Marius had the weirdest, most quavery voice and I actually mistook him for a woman before I could see him. You can all look forward to Mr. Graham doing a very enthusiastic and accurate impression on our return!
  • Before Les Mis we popped into a nearby Vietnamese restaurant where we had our old favorite: pho! The hostess lady was a little intense so I didn't take pictures, but know that it was delicious.
  • On Saturday we had our own makeshift 5K around Regent's Park, since we couldn't find an official one. Naturally, about five minutes into it we saw a pack of runners with race bibs going through the Park.
  • Our next stop was Westminster Abbey to see the inside. We had a delightful (free) audio tour led by Jeremy Irons and saw many neat and very old things. The Poet's Corner was naturally our favorite and we made sure to rub the tombs/monuments/floor tiles of Dickens, Hardy and Carroll with our bare feet.
  • Also on Saturday we made our big move (during a convenient downpour), and no, the cab driver had no idea where to go (that's five out of five). Our new place is an "aparthotel" and is so modern and clean and nice. Also, it has the cutest and tiniest dishwasher in the world. If I could hug it, I would. In fact, I may try later.
  • Sunday we took a train (my first!) to Oxford in the afternoon. We ran around like mad to see things before they closed, and even though we only had a few hours we saw a lot of sites. Sadly we missed out on Exeter so I was unable to cling lovingly to the bust of Tolkien. But we did get to see the pub where he met with C.S. Lewis, among others, and we also saw a bit of Hogwarts, AKA Christ Church.
It was a mild week, but we definitely made the most of the weekend, as we always try to do. And now, another week! Let us go forth.


  1. It was a great week. I love living in this aparthotel!

  2. Awesome! I think the rubbing with the feet is ALMOST as good as a picture for me. Hmph. Still can't believe my friends wouldn't let me go.

    Cute aparthotel! Cute dishwasher! Cute you guys! Very good.

  3. Man, you two are really getting around. I am envious of you sightseeing.

  4. Hooray on being settled! And hooray for Oxford! Did you keep looking at the ceiling and wondering where the Great Hall's floating candlesticks were on your Harry Potter tour?

  5. Week 3 was so good you decided to do it twice, huh? I am jealous, of Platform 9 3/4 and Stonehenge most of all.

  6. Lovely digs.And it's great how you two are really making the most of this trip. I enjoyed Oxford, too. The whole place is sepiatone. I tried to imagine C. S. there. And thanks for the photes of the Eagle and Child. Those pub names...f

    Bennett just BIT my toe! (sharp little teefies!)