Monday, July 30, 2012


Almost four years ago I filled out this list.  It's rather like a little snapshot of my life at the time, so I decided that it's probably time to do it again, as a lot has changed in those four years.  Lists are still my favorite and my best, though they are also my bane.

(PS: Let's not talk about how it's been four years.  FOUR!  I'm going to vomit.)  

8 TV Shows I love to watch* (I would say "like" after the first 4):
  1. Battlestar Galactica
  2. Firefly
  3. Sherlock
  4. Veronica Mars
  5. Project Runway
  6. LOST
  7. Survivor
  8. House Hunters/International
8 Favorite Restaurants:
  1. Panera/St. Louis Bread Company
  2. Thai Village
  3. Cafe Rio
  4. Bombay House
  5. Imo's Pizza
  6. Comalitos
  7. The Blue Bayou
  8. Tarahumara
8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
  1. Gave a talk in church.
  2. Made this strawberry cake (two thumbs up).
  3. Finally watched the opening ceremonies, along with some diving and swimming.
  4. Watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
  5. Talked to the fam. 
  6. Pitter pattered on Quinn.
  7. Worked a little on some arts.
  8. Made and ate this stromboli for dinner (also two thumbs up).
8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
  1. Watching more Harry Potter
  2. Our third anniversary
  3. Going to Las Vegas at last
  4. The Hobbit
  5. Our cruise! (This deserves its own blog post)
  6. Seeing Spider-man again (right, husb?!?!)
  7. Pumpkin foods in the fall
  8. More summer
8 Things On My WishList:
  1. Sky High: Irresistible triple layer cakes
  2. Spider-man! 
  3. A shiny new tablet
  4. A really long trip to England
  5. A spot on Goodreads
  6. A day at the beach
  7. More Sherlock!
  8. ...Spider-man?
This is the part where I tag other people to fill this out for themselves, but since I'm not the boss of you, fill it out if you like!  It's fun to read later.

*Drewbles and I couldn't decide if this means current shows or any shows, but I went with any shows.  Apparently most of the shows I love ended a long while ago...

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