Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Unfinished Tales

This blog has been going for eight years now.  Eight!  I'm amazed with myself.  It's definitely had its highs and lows, but looking back, I'm quite pleased with it.  In fact, recently I was reading old entries and laughing at how funny I was.  Oh ho, me!  So funny to myself.

Since blogger changed to its new format, I've realized that fourteen of my posts are only drafts.  When I looked at them more closely, I realized most of didn't even get past the title.  Some of the subjects I remember, some I don't.  But since I'm never going to go back and finish them, I thought I would record the titles here for posterity.  Then I can delete them!  *rubs hands*  So, here are the blog posts that might have been:

"A List of", from 2008. 
I labeled this "Twilight" but it's actually a (long) list of complaints about the third X-Men movie.  Just because.
"This One or That One?" from 9/11/2008
No clue.  But it ALSO has a Twilight label. 
"A Boy Named Coop" from 9/24/2008
This was a collection of tales involving a very amusing young fellow that I met my last year at BYU.  His last name was Cooper, hence Coop.  This also inexplicably has a Twilight label.

"Distance: I Shake My Fist at Thee" from  2/18/2009
Surely related to Drewbles and the miles that separated us at the time.

"Blog Blahs: I Have Them" from 4/22/2009
Pretty self explanatory. 

"Water: There's so Much" from 7/1/2009
Probably related to how Finding Nemo made me afraid of open water.  Also possibly involving the Titanic exhibit I went to around this time.

"Dueling Lists" from 9/25/2009
No idea.

"Autumn!" from 10/2/2009
I dunno, probably something about spring or summer.  Maybe winter.

"(Untitled post)" from 11/3/2009
This happened to contain Drew's resume.  Why not, right?

"A Story: Part 1" from 12/10/09
But WHAT story??

"2009:It's Over" from 2009
That's true enough.

"Unemployment: It's a Lifestyle" from 1/22/2010
A lifestyle so accurately depicted in the fine film Post Grad.  (...)  This was actually mere days before my unemployment ended.  Maybe I should have written it earlier...

"In Which We Go to England: Part 3" from 8/2/2010
This one was posted so who knows what it's doing in my drafts.

"For my Special Little Friend" from 1/23/2011
I started this after my precious little Rosie cat passed away.  Then it was too hard.

If anything can be learned from this post it is that since early 2011 I have published all the post I started.  Surely that means I have become a better human being, right?  Smarter? More mature?  Better looking?  Let's just say yes.

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  1. Better looking?? Impossible! But still you somehow manage it each day. This was a fun and interesting walk down Memory Lane.