Sunday, May 19, 2013


The best part of making a list is being able to check things off.  These days most of my things are checked off, and I am left with the feeling that I should be working on something without being able to think of what.  Here's where we stand of late:

Toes painted?
Check.  (YES, I did it myself this very day, though Drew did some touching up for me last week.)

A DVR full of entertainment?
Check.  Also, way to be on point, baby.

Absentmindedly leaving closet lights on?

Garden planted?
Check.  And it's not even June!  Though the neighbors were a little more on the ball than us:
A freezer full of foods?
Check.  (The crock pot recipes came from here)

Several inches of tummy between my swimsuit top and bottoms?

[no picture because duh]


Hair chopped off prior to insanity?
Check.  (Also, wearing Drew's hoodies?  Check.)

A home cage bed for the Speck? 

A suitably aquatic little buddy?

Additional suitably aquatic little buddies that were bought on clearance in a moment of "Hey, more fish!"?

Pretty flowers?
Check.  Okay, they have nothing to do with the Speck.  They're just pretty.

Diaper bag that Drew won't feel stupid carrying and doesn't look like a big purse?  (I am not into big purses)

A fully-stocked diaper bag?
Guess we're still working on that one.


  1. Dang you, Call the Midwife. That show always makes me cry! I know they're manipulating my emotions, and I fall for it every time! But your haircut is cute. :) Happy Birthday!

  2. Great pre-baby blog, check :) So I also love the haircut, and the diaper bag. The girls call Rose's pack'n play "the baby cage" hah! And way to be on the ball with all those freezer meals- I have always meant to do that, but alas, I never have. Drew will thank you :)

  3. Man, you are READY! Can't wait to meet your little boy very soon. Best of luck during the home stretch!