Sunday, May 12, 2013

Crafts are for Babies! (Bonus edition)

You know that game of two truths, one lie?  Let's play it: There are three more crafts I did for the Speck.  I am only going to post about one of them.  The images on this post feature his real name.

Just a week or so ago, I had a last minute idea for another craft.  The room needed a little more art, and so I decided it would fun to hang some kind of bunting over the crib that included his name.  We threw around a couple of ideas and soon settled on the best idea, which was also the easiest.  

So I made up triangular pennants in Photoshop featuring the mobile animals, added the letters and then we printed them as 8x10 photos at Costco!  Making them in Photoshop took just a couple of hours and the rest of it took much less.  I cut them out, we measured and cut slits, strung them with ribbon and hung the thing up!  Parfait.  (Everybody likes parfait)

Here they are: 
The whales and the anchors are my favorites.  And that smiley face adds some real class, doesn't it?  Lucky Speck.

PS: I knooooooow he's not the size of a Speck anymore, but does anyone really think we'd update his nickname every time he got bigger?  If we did that we'd be calling him Loaf of Bread now.  I have every intention of calling him the Speck even when he's a foot taller than me and whining about girls.


  1. Does that mean his name is 7 letters? Very cute by the way.

  2. Ooooh, that's a perceptive theory, Sarah... Time will tell if you are right! This is one of your best babycrafts, Wife! So original and artistic and fun.