Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Little Man, Lots of Pictures

Today is the CAG's official due date.  It is funny to think of him being in utero for the last week, and while I do kind of miss my dead-to-the-world 10 hours of sleep every night, he is pretty good compensation.  In fact, I'm pretty sure babies save their cutest things for the middle of the night.  

Anyway, we are all adjusting just fine and things are going really well.  He lost quite a bit of weight in the hospital--though our nurses weren't too concerned, as they think most babies probably lose that amount and they just don't know because non-c-section babies are sent home earlier.  So, he'll get weighed again tomorrow, but since he's been eating like a maniac I think he'll be just fine. 

That was a long aside.  Too many words!  Not enough pictures!  Here's what he's been up to this week:

 Bathtime!  This is clearly after, since he's not crying.

 Sleeping, and wearing socks as mittens.

 He got these lovely flowers from my work.
More sleeping.

Making friends with the locals.

 Hee hee hee.

 Okay, I couldn't pick just one picture.

  (This was a yawn, not a cry.  Hee hee, feet.)

 Sitting on Pops.

Finding that old posture that was so common in his womb days.  Remember how I said his head was always up in my ribs? (Sorry for poking your head so much before, baby.)

 Wearing pajamas.  He just looked cute.

Here's to you, little master!  Thanks for being cute and stuff.

(And sorry for always poking you when you're sleeping.)


  1. He is so cute! And so long!

  2. I love them all. So cute- and it looks like he's already finding Disney pals to look at :)

  3. You had 10-hour dead the world sleep? Wow. I miss that from 15 years ago. I think I might actually sleep BETTER with the baby out this time. Even 2 hours uninterrupted would be lovely. But he IS a doll. He makes me think of my little (big) Jeffy. Looks like y'all are enjoying yourselves.

  4. He is so sweet! So happy for you both! Babies in pajamas ARE the cutest. And I agree, the sweetest moments are saved for 3am, to keep us mamas from feeling tooooo sorry for ourselves in our sleep-deprived state. o.O