Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hard at Work

Have you noticed that adults are slaves to babies?  Those babies have the life, never doing a thing for themselves.  Well, Drewbles and I are determined to have independent babies, and so we've put the Speck to work.  No sitting around for this baby!  Here are some of his daily chores: 

He makes the bed:

 He puts my breakfast together:

He empties the dishwasher:

He does the laundry:

(We're still working on the folding part.)

The best part is that he doesn't know about allowances yet so this is all free labor!  Keep it up, little one.  You'll be scrubbing the bathtub with the best of them before you know it!


  1. A laundry picture!!!!!! Although you should bring him to my house so he can have a crack at a REAL laundry pile- and do mine for me as well. Such an accomplished and helpful little chap :) That smile makes me smile every time.

    1. I thought of you when I took that laundry picture! I'm sure he would love to play in your laundry bowl.

  2. Cutest little man! I wish had thought of teaching my kids to do all those things back in the day!

  3. Way to make Speck work for his keep! Also, hooray for an actual smile!

  4. This boy is going to be quite an asset to our chore situation in no time. I love these all! Especially the onward-ho with the spoon. And also the one in the bed. And also the one when he's magically levitating in the dishwasher. And also SMILE.

  5. The Supernanny would be so proud of you!