Monday, November 04, 2013

Halloween H'Activities

I have always enjoyed Halloween, and I wanted Babycakes to have a good first Halloween too.  He won't remember it, but I will!  Being five months old and all, it's hard to get him into the spirit of things.  He's really only interested in things he can grab and/or put in his mouth.  So how does one get a baby involved in Halloween fun?  Here are some ways:

1) Buy a baby friendly pumpkin:
See?  Baby friendly.

2) Dress the baby up like a skeleton:

(I love those side-looking eyes.)

3) Dress the baby up like a skeleton AND a tiger simultaneously:

4) Take the baby to a pumpkin patch for a nice nap: 

5) Take the baby through a corn maze and only cheat a little because that baby is kind of heavy to carry around in circles:

 6) Take the baby to a different pumpkin patch.  He will LOVE it:

7) Take the baby on a hayride:

8) Carve a pumpkin with the baby's assistance:

8) Dress up for real!  We have been waiting and waiting to have a baby so we could be James, Lily and Harry Potter for Halloween.  Would this have happened if we'd had a girl?  Um.............yes.  These were especially appropriate costumes considering the fact that Harry got his scar on Halloween.

(This was what we were going for.)

Happy Halloween, little Harry!  I hope you had fun trying to eat all those pumpkins.


  1. You are sooo creative! I love your blog entries on little Charlie's life. Of course, I'll expect you to keep it up on each and every little sprout that comes your way! :)

  2. Awesome, and so festive. I loved the costumes and thought them so fitting. Also, the pumpkin was such a great idea. As always, Charlie is adorable. I haven't been commenting as much lately, but I always read your blogs and love getting to know ad see Charlie through your posts.

  3. Love the Potter family! Aren't the holidays so great with kids? (Even if the fun IS mostly ours when they are so small... but great pictures he will love to look at when he is older!)

  4. He makes a better Harry than I ever did! What a good boy, and what a fun update.