Thursday, November 21, 2013

Laundry Day?

Today is the CAG's six month birthday!  It is just amazing, for a variety of reasons, and we are celebrating all day long.  By celebrating I mean taking a lot of pictures, starting with his every-other-month-stint-in-the-laundry pictures.  So I took a bunch...and then realized he wasn't due for one of those until next month.  Boo hoo for me, now I have more cute pictures of my cute baby.

Still loves his feet.
The feet!  What???
Again with the cute feet.
This is one of his talking faces, when he makes this gargle-y "hoo" noise.
Look at that face.  I mean look at it!
Boo hoo indeed.


  1. You need to come over and borrow one of our laundry piles, they are much more substantial ;) He's super cute as always, and you know my policy is- you can never take too many pictures.

    1. Ha ha, he would have so much fun in your piles! It's actually smaller this time because Drew had already folded it. I felt bad making a mess with it, haha.