Thursday, November 28, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving, world!  Rather than complain about Black Friday sales starting on Thanksgiving, or list all the obvious things I'm thankful for, here are some other, less notable things that I'm grateful for:

--Light-up keyboards

--Flat whisks

--Good books (and hey, sometimes a bad book)

--A1 sauce

--Video baby monitors

--Exercise, of all kinds



--Internet tutorials

Last Thanksgiving I thought I was going to DIE from lack of food during the half hour wait before dinner.  So I'm also grateful that I feel better this year, and of course I'm grateful for my little discomfort causer and that he's not, you know, causing discomfort still.  And speaking of him, I'm also grateful for nice friends who knit him awesome sweaters:

Happy Thanksgiving!  Go forth, my friends, and eat pie.  And be grateful for at least 24 hours before shopping your hearts out.

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